Heating bag intended for flutists

Ideal equipment for those who wants to be always in-tune! Charlie has a spacious heated storage with an extended mat. Thanks to the soft padding and the thermostat, your musical instrument will feel truly angelic.

Why do I need a Charlie bag?

Always in-tune!

Of course, few alternatives to Charlie exists, but none of them will offer such comfort. Beside of other aspects, Charlie has advantage of keeping inside temperature as required which hand in hand leads to unwanted moisture dissipation and overall ventilation.

How big is Charlie?

Dimensions of 42x50cm might seems too large at first sight. But Charlie's size is just right to fit couple of flutes as well as keep additional space to help drag the moisture out. 

Is powering from USB power bank possible?

We practically rejected this solution. Charlie's operation should be of a longer duration in order to provide comfort to the flutes. Considering the power consumption, a power bank would be too expensive. For artists who intend to use Charlie off the mains, we recommend the purchase of a backup power supply (UPS), the selection of which we are happy to advise.

What is the price?

Charlie is handmade with care and was not developed for nothing. If there was a similar product on the market, which is not just a "toy", there would be no real reason to invest in our efforts. For the price below, you will get an original piece of functional equipment for your no less valuable flutes and top of that you will be part of the stellar team of satisfied owners.


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